Phrabat Huai Tom Royal Project Development Centre

Established following HM King Rama IX’s royal visit in 1978, this village is under the patronage of the Royal Project which cares for 24,084 rai of farmed land. The villages are mostly Karen hill tribes who proudly preserve their culture and traditions. A post-harvest merit-making ceremony is held each January to bless new rice.

This is an agro-tourist village with various offering to interest visitors such as the demonstration plots which grow various vegetables and fruits which are designed to enhance the local economy such as important mangoes, aubergines, butternut squash, Mexican peppers, etc.

There is also cultural tourism to attract visitors featuring Karenni lifestyle at the Old Karen House of Ban Nam Bo Noi. Folk-style hand-woven textiles using hand looms and locally available materials and dyes, silversmithing, and basketry are all demonstrated and visitors are also invited to try their hands at the skills.

Homestay accommodation and tents are available. Call 0 5351 1238, 0 5328 1238.

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