Route 2

Second Route
New Normal Road Trip

Ko Kha – Serm Ngarm – Li District
This is a fascinating journey to take for those who love nature, culture and history.
Starting at Phra That Lampang Luang Temple which is the official temple for those born in the year of the ox (construction began and was completed in the year of the ox) those interested in temples can also stop by Lai Hin temple nearby which is an ancient temple with exquisite Lanna architecture, cited by many as one of the firmest of its kind in the region. Then take a much deserved break at Kho Ka Hot Springs. Call 080-124 1455.
Lovers of ceramics will have a field day at the Kho Ka Ceramics Village and the herbal ceramics compress experts at Sala Bua Bok (call Sai-yut at 095 4513 991).

Before continuing on the Highway 1274 towards Li, stop off to admire the reverse reflection seen through a tiny slit at Phra That Chom Ping Temple. Nearby there is a famous coffee shop, Kang Tong, which is worth a stop and will give some energy before heading to Sop Prab District. Along the way there are lovely view points and cafes as well as villages and communities such a Tube Kaew Ma, well worth stopping at. Call 089-553 4390.
Stop and shop along the way until reaching the Kua Tae bridge which charmingly traverses paddy fields, allowing monks to take a shorter cut for their morning alms. The Ban Mae Tam development project was built under the auspiciousness of HM Queen Sirikit, the queen mother, and is well known for its ceramics expertise.
Along Highway 1274 are three very sacred destinations where three kruba, or revered monks, are worshiped. Wat Pan Pang was the home of Kruba Srivijai, a saint of Lanna, Phra Butthabat Pha Nam Temple offers a spectacular viewpoint and is where the mummified body of Kruba Apichai Khaopi is found and Phra Butthabat Huay Tom temple is where Kruba Wongse inspired many local Karen people to become vegetarian.
The Ban Nam Bor Noi community still follows ancient beliefs and does not use electricity or mains water. There is also the unique Maha That Chedi Sri Vieng Chai pagoda to stop by along the way.
This route is wonderful to drive along and littered with attractions, contact Pradit 098-750-2504.

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