Lamphun Shopping & Souvenirs

Local Products

Sai-ua: Local spicy grilled Northern sausages, featuring some of the most renown in the area. Sai-ua Yai Pee, a shack in front of the Governor’s Residence and Sai-ua Anong next to Wat San Pa Yang Nom, are two of the more well known shops.

Longan: Lamphun province is the biggest producer of this delicious tropical fruit in Thailand. In August of each year there is a popular longan festival featuring longan wine, processed and dried longan and delicious fresh longan.

Woodcarving: Dolls, utensils, home décor items, accessories and wooden products from Mae Tha District.
Brocade Silk: A unique style of weaving Lamphun is long famous for. The designs are ancient and rich with symbolism. Products are sold throughout Thailand and the world.

Nong Nguek Cotton: From Pa Sang District, which is known for its long legacy of cotton weaving and production.
Hand Woven Fabric: The Yong people are well known for their skills with weaving and the entire process of creating exquisite handwoven textiles.

Souvenir Shops

Muang District
• The Cotton Hand Weaving Groups 80/10 Moo 2, Ban Long Duea, Pratu Pa
• Khua Mung Tha Sing opposite Wat Phra That Haripunchai open daily 9am – 5pm
• V.P.N Collection Co. ltd., 190/1 Lamphun-Rimping Rd., Nai Muang distributes Mulberry Artificial Flower
• Phen Siri Thai Silk 123 Moo2, Lamphun-Doi Ti, Wiang Yong, Tel. 08 1881 4730, 08 1473 7373 Phayok Thai Silk, Thai Silk products Open 9am – 5pm. Close on Sundays.
• Lamphun Thai Silk 8/2 Chittawongphan Rangsan, catty-corner to Wat Chang Khong, Nai Muang Tel. 0 5351 0329, 08 1112 7893 distributes Phayok Lamphun textile. Open 9am – 4.30pm
• Wiang Yong Cotton Handwork Village, Ban Si Muang Yu, Wiang Yong produces cotton, Phayok cotton and cotton products.
Ampai Silk 69/1 Lamphun-Pasang Rd., Ton Thong Tel. 0 5353, 08 9490 8783

Mae Tha District
• Mae Khanat Group 99 Moo8, Mae Khanat, Tha Kat Tel. 08 1961 8741 distribute hill tribe fabric Open daily 8am-5pm.
• Pa Kham Carving 249 Moo2, Tha Thung Luang Tel. 0 5357 4772 distribute wood carving, home decoration and furniture. Open 7am – 5pm
• Sa-ngat Phonphen Carving 168 Moo 4, Ban Nong Yang Klai, Tha Thung Luang Tel. 0 5357 4664, 0 5357 4759. Open 8am-5pm

Thung Hua Chang District
• Mali Lamphun 92 Moo9, Ban Puang Tel. 08 1783 3794

Pa Sang District
• Ban Don Luang cotton Weaving Community Moo7, Mae Raeng Tel. 0 5357 2191, 08 6183 1590 distributes hand weaved cotton Fabric Open 9am – 5pm

• Kanlaya Hand Weaved Fabric 122 Moo5 Ban Rong Chang, Tha Tum Tel. 0 5300 4238 distributes hand weaved cotton fabric Open 9am – 5pm

• Ban Nong Ngueak Weaving Centre 15 Moo5 Lamphun-Pasang Rd., Mae Raeng Tel. 06 1449 9645 distributes local products Open 8am – 5pm
• Udom Siri Pha Fai 51/1 Ban Nong Ngueak, Mae Raeng Tel. 0 5352 1966 distributes hand weaved cotton Fabric and hand weaved cotton products.

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