Route 5

Fifth Route
Charm of winter rains

Sometimes it almost gets too cold in Lampang, and that is why people love visiting Chae Son National Park’s hot springs where the average water temperatures are a perfect 73 degrees Celsius – perfect for boiling eggs! Less hot water can be found and bathed in as well, and it is best to wake up before dawn for a pre-dawn dip. Call 08 9851 3355.

Ban Pa Miang is a tiny community on a peaceful mountain top famous for its tea plantations. Locals don’t use tea the traditional way known around the world, but the way locals have been consuming tea in this region for millennia – some argue, even before the ‘discovery’ of tea by China – which is by fermentation and eating, rather than drinking.

Continue to travel, with fabulous viewpoints along the way, to Ban Mae Jam where many tribal groups such as Lahu and Yao people live amongst beautiful nature. Here rare winter fruits can be found such as pears, passion fruit as well as Arabica coffee and macadamia. The Highway 1035 from Lampang via Jae Hom to Wang Nua offersd many fascinating destinations from holy cemeteries to taking a cruise in a house boat down Kew Lom Dam. The incredible 360 degree views from Doi Pu Yaks is one of the most spectacular in the area and well worth a stop, as is the Rai Sap Meun Saen vineyard and strawberry field.
Lovers of coffee must stop off at Cafe’ Bruno which won the Non-Italian Espresso award at the International Coffee Tasting 2014. From there visit caves and temples, stopping off at Harvest Moon Farm & Café for a coffee with a chilled view before visiting the 200 year old Kuang Kom temple.

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