Route 6

Sixth Route
Warm welcome in Lamphun and Lampang (Lampang-Hang Chat-Mae Tha-Lamphun)

Highway 1 is flanked by nature along this winding and beautiful route. After leaving Thoen town make sure to stop off for some sweet and juicy Citrus sinensis (call 06 4946 2455) and head on to admire the locally made sacred quartz crystal products (call 0 5422 0795).

On arrival at Koh Kha district visit Farm Hug You to feed some sheep and ride some horses while taking some great Insta. Open daily between 8.30am-9pm call 08 3947 5349. Another stop to check out is The Coco Lampang, a European style building to go to shop and eat call 0 5420 9609. Make sure to stop at Phra That Lampang Luang Temple, the temple for those born in the year of the ox which show cases some of the best of Lanna architecture and craftsmanship.

Dig into some delicious Lampang noodles before visiting Kan Tung Kwiang in Hang Chat District which brings together some of the best local products found in the city. A must-visit destination is the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre which is a great place to learn about and play with elephants. Aim to arrive in time for the 9.45am or 1.15pm bathing sessions and the elephant demonstration is held at 10 and 11 am daily with the last round at 1.30pm. Next door is the very important Elephant hospital which is both an inspiring and at times heart breaking experience.

Head along Highway 11 towards Lamphun and stop off at the classic Umong Khun Tarn railway station built over 11 years and completed in 1921, running a total of 1.3 kilometres. Another lovely stop is at the Tha Chom Phu white bridge which will offer great photo opportunities and was built, and bombed, during the Second World War.
Lovers of nature should put aside a few days to trek and camp in the Khun Tarn area, which will be worth the hard climb each morning as the sun rises. Call 08 1032 6341.
Continue towards Mae Tha and stop off at Ta Pan Raks Organic Farm where there are all sorts of activities and fun experiences to be hand from making pizza in a wood fired oven to DIY products making.

Head to Phra Butthabat Phra Intha Kwaen, a replica of a sacred Burmese temple before heading to Lamphun and taking a slow tram ride around town. The tram runs three hours and twice a day, at 9.30am and 1.30pm.

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