Lampang Shopping & Souvenirs

Shopping & Souvenirs

There is plenty to take home to remind you of your time in Lampang.

Souvenirs can be found in little shops clustering around the clock tower intersection at the heart of the city as well as in front of the Municipal school 4 on the ring road and at Kad Muan Jai market at the intersection to Chiang Mai.

Fun and fabulous souvenirs and mementos include the iconic rooster noodle bowl, miniature horse drawn carriage models, ceramics and woven textiles.

Those looking to take the tastes of Lampang home can stop off at Thip Chang and Boonyawat Roads or at the Rasada or Asawin early morning markets.


Local products

Handwoven textiles
are fantastic gifts to take home to friends and family. Lampang is well known for its high quality natural dyed hand woven textiles and garments.

The Lanna kingdom had a long legacy of handicrafts and woodcarvings, mostly honed by building temples, are a great souvenir to take home. Ban Luk in Na Krua sub district, two kms from Mae Tha district office, is a great spot to go to buy wood carvings of all kinds.

Thailand’s kiln, Lampang has a long and proud tradition of ceramics from its early days of earthen ware influenced by Chiang Saen and Hariphunchai pottery and then later on with glazed celadon influenced by neighbouring Wiang Kalong’s iconic 14th century ware.

Mulberry Paper
The people of Ban Naam Tong have long been making paper from mulberry, turning them into a variety of products from lampshades to picture frames, handbags and candle wicks.

Miniature horse-drawn carriage
Intricately handmade and designed, these adorable miniature models are a fun reminder for the whole family of time spent in Lampang.

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