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Third Route

Slow Life Green Chill @Lampang
No trip to Lampang is complete without a traditional horse drawn carriage ride around town. Costs are reasonable at 150-200 baht for a 25-30 minute ride; 200-300 baht for a 45 minute to an hour’s ride; and 400 baht for a 1.30-2 hour ride. Or pay per hour at a rate of 300-400 baht per hour.
Lampang Ceramics Museum (5am-8pm) and Lampang Vieng Thong Hotel (5am-9pm) are main starting points for rides. Hourly hire will allow for flexibility and choice in routes. Whether it is to admire the architectures of Ban Sao Nak and Ratsadaphisek Bridge or visiting any of the important temples in the city, shopping at the Chinese markets of admiring the old railway station, this allows for a tailored experience.
There are many photo ops from the Clock Tower junction to sunset vistas of the city streets as they slowly shut down for the evening. There is a charming slow life mentality in Lampang which is conducive to horse and carriage travel. There is also a tram which goes through the old city from Tha Ma-O community to the Wat Pratu Pong ancient temple.

Wat Pong Sanuk received the Award of Merit from UNESCO in 2008 for its value in arts, crafts and architecture and is filled with spectacular wood carvings, murals, mosaics and a collection of old palm leaf scrolls.
Ku Chao Yai Suta is a Lanna-crafted gateway filled with fine design and craftsmanship, registered as a historical site and the location of a charming local market held eah Friday between 4.30-8.30pm. Phra Kaew Don Tao Suchadaram Temple can be the next destination. This ancient temple is very sacred and revered by the local people. The Trailak cemetery can be the next destination where the mummified body of an ancient kruba can be found. Take a horse and carriage ride, a tram or ride a bicycle and really enjoy the gentle ways of life of the local people. Stop off along the way and sample some of the finest tastes in the region, from the classic sai-ua spicy northern sausage to fine local coffees.

Make sure to stop off at Louis T. Leonowen’s old house, son of Anna, of The King and I fame. Call 086 728 6362.

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