Route 1

Tak a look at Lampang ans Lamphun's Green Travel Route 1 - the perfect roadtrio for nature lovers.

First Route
106: Taking the High Road

This Green Route starts at Thoen and goes via Li to Lamphun, travelling along Highway 106.

Start at Wat Vieng, Thoen District, admiring Lanna Yonok Chiang Saen architecture and paying respets to the Phra That Leb Meu. If you are parched, then Thoen is well known for its delicious citrus sinenses whose sweet nectar will quench any thirst. Continue on to Mae Prik District to visit the Pa Pang community, a tiny hidden community which decided no longer to wait for the electric mains or the LPG gas to arrive, instead turning themselves into a model community for its use of bamboo to generate electricity and money. The views from this village are spectacular.

Along the way stop off at Mae Wa National Park to breathe in the sight that is the Doi Pha Daeng Daen Song Tawan sea of mist, taking a nature walk, swimming in a waterfall, braving a cave and cycling up mountain trails.
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From Thoen District, continue along highway 106 towards Li District, Lamphun where the road wends its way through spectacular mountains and valleys affording breathtaking views. Stop off at Wat Ban Pang to pay respects to Kruba Srivijai and Wat Phra Butthabat Pha Nam to pay respects to Kruba Apichai Khao Pi and admire the Li view point before paying respects to Kruba Chai Wongsapattana at Wat Phra Bat Huay Tom. This last temple is located in a Pakkayor Karen community who are very religious, hence the tight ties between the temple and the local people.
Call Vimol for details prior to travel at 06 5734 9427.

The Mae Ping National Park is another destination filled with great sights to see and places to visit. The two must visits are the Tung Kik view point and Ko Luang Waterfalls. If there is time take a cruise along the Ping River to the island school. Call 0 5203 0380 and 0 5203 0480.

Before heading to Ban Hong District, stop off for an aromatic cup of award-winning local Arabica coffee at Paka Coffee at 1,200 metres above sea level. Call 092 380 3415.
Hungry? Then definitely stop off for a special treat of chicken lab spicy salad followed by longan cake at Ban Hong where you an also take selfies with wild peacocks in a conservation area of Ban Hong. The community offers educational nature walks through longan orchards. Keep driving towards Pasang where the walking street is going to appeal to any shopper – the highlight will be the woven fabric and materials from Ban Don Luang and Ban Nong Nguak communities.

Take a moment to pay respect to and take in the views from Phra Butthabat Tak Pha Temple before saying a fond farewell to Highway 106.
Upon arrival in Lamphun visit the sacred Hariphunchai Temple, Queen Chamadevi Monument and the ruins of Ku Chang Ku Ma.
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