Thai Elephant Conservation Centre and Thung Kwian Plantation

Located in Hang Chat district under the supervision of the Forest Industry Organisation (FIO) this was the first elephant training centre in the world, founded in 1969 to raise and train young elephants to learn logging skills while their mothers went to work in the jungle. Following the ban on logging the centre has turned into a care centre for old and ill elephants. The world’s only elephant hospital is also located here. This is a responsible place to go to learn about, interact with and enjoy elephants. There are two shows on weekdays at 10am and 11am daily with one more show at weekends and public holidays at 1.30pm.  

There is a mahout training school on premises to help train elephant careers properly and many visitors apply to try their hand at being a mahout. A two day one-night homestay package including cooking classes is also available.  

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