Mae Wa National Park 

This park spans entire mountain ranges resulting in great diversity in forest, flora and fauna. A great variety of species of insects, orchids, plants and small mammals can be found here, with endangered flying lizards being a draw. 

Points of interest: 

Mae Wa Waterfalls: These falls eventually flow into the Wang River and comprise of seven tiers each very different. It is easy to access the first three tiers which span 700 metres but gets a bit tougher to trek the 2.2kms to the final tier. Mae Wa national park consists of connected mountain ranges with Doi Ta Chi as the hightest mountain top with the height record of 1,027 metres from the Sea level. The forest fields are different according to the height whether it be mixed forest, dipterocarp forest, pine forest, and dry evergreen forest. The mountain base in the national park is a flat surface in rows along the base, comprising large trees, herbs, orchids and floras. 

Nam Pa Pha Ngam Cave:  A very deep cave with water flowing through it. 

Phra Chedi Cave: A medium sized cave which has been developed for tourism. 

The park has houses and tent services, contact Mae Wa National Park, Tel. 0 5429 2510, Bangkok Tel. 0 2562 0760, 

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