Mae Moh Lignite Mine 

Thailand’s largest lignite mine with over 630 million tonnes of 40 million year old lignite. Mined for electricity, visitors aren’t allowed into the actual mines themselves, but there is a charming garden nearby filled with flowers and trees which is designed for the public. 

Interesting features: 

Mae Moh Mine Museum is a modern museum providing much information on geology of the area and technology required to turn lignite into power. A 3D movie is on show fur ties per day. Closed Mondays.  

Mae Moh Flower Gardens is a public park which is well maintained and highly manicured.  

Mae Moh Mexican Sunflowers are grown on artificial hill made from dug out detritus of the mines. The flowers bloom in November to December. 

Slider Grass is an area near the golf course where children can bring cardboard boxes and slide down a hill.  

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) provides housing with 30 rooms at 1,200 baht per night including breakfast. There are also accommodations at 300-400 baht. There is an 18 hole golf course, 500 baht green fees and 200 baht for a caddy. A golf cart costs 600 baht. 

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