Chae Son National Park 

Covering 592 square kilometres of Lampang, filled with mountains, forests, waterfalls, streams and other wonders of nature, this was declared a national park in 1988. The best time to visit the park is between November and February when the temperatures are cool. 

Places of interest in the park 

Chae Son Hot Springs – Nine hot wells large and small scattered across an acre or so. Boil eggs, have a soak or just a dip.   

Chae Son Waterfall – This 16-tiered waterfall flows year round and has pools of water at many levels with a path providing easy access to all levels. 

Mae Mon Waterfall – Rushing waterfall tumbling from a jutting cliff into a gorge below with tiered cascades. Not recommended for swimming. 

Mae Khun Waterfall – A five km hike to this waterfall which falls a dizzying 100 metres. Best to contact the park headquarters for a guide. 

Pha Ngam Cave – A complex of four caves to explore with a guide. 

Blooming Orchids – January and February of each year sees the blooming of dok siao (bauhinia) which are the white flowers of orchid trees.  

Warm Water Pool – While the waters of the hot springs tend to average an egg-boiling 73 degrees Celsius, there are some areas where the water is mixed with cool stream water, perfect for a good soaking. 

Mineral Baths – There are rooms to hire to soak alone or in groups of up to four. There are open aired and enclosed pools, depending on preference.  


Nature Routes 

  1. Nature study walk Chae Son Waterfall: This three km walk takes around an hour and a half and follows a forest with many interesting flora and fauna including possible sightings of rare birds. This is a good place to study the cycle of nature such as the cicadas which are plentiful between March and May. Interested persons can request a four wheel drive up to the electrical plant.
  2. Nature study walk Mae Piak Waterfall: A two and a half hour, 3.7km walk past many fascinating trees used in daily lives from miang (tea) leaves which were traditionally chewed, not drunk to bamboo used as containers. There are many picturesque spots along the way including some waterfalls.  

The national park is beautiful and has ten houses to rent ranging in price between 900 to 3,600 baht per night. Cost of pitching a tent are 30 baht per person.

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