Doi Khuntan National Park

This park covers 255 square kilometres of mostly forest-covered mountains and is accessible by rail and by car.

Khuntan Tunnel
This is the longest railway tunnel in Thailand at 1,352 metres built by a German engineer named Emile Eisenhofer. He had to return to his homeland at the start of the First World War and the project was completed by Krommaphra Kamphaeng Phet, father of the Thai Railway in 1918.

The Top of the Mountain
Take a 1.5km walk from the housing provided by the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Flora and arrive at Strategy Point 1 where the reception houses are located. Then walk for another 800 metres to Strategy Point 2 entering a densely covered area with pine trees to find a beautiful house surrounded by lush gardens which once belonged to ex Thai prime minister M.R. Kukrit Pramoj. Walk a further 3.600 metres to reach Strategy Point 3 and wander around old missionary houses. Continue one kilometre to Strategy Point 4 and take in spectacular vistas at the highest point of Doi Khuntan.

Mae Long Waterfall
Ten kms south of Khuntan Railway Station, it is a three kilometre walk to this waterfall that flows year round.

Tat Moei Waterfall
A ten metre waterfall found between Strategy Points 2 and 3. Turn left at the junction for 1.5 kms and walk down to the Mae Yon Wai Valley, a further 300 metres.

Entry fees for Doi Khuntan National Park are 20 baht for adult Thais and 10 baht for Thai children while foreign adults pay 100 baht and foreign children are charged 50 baht. The park has tents to rent as well as housing.

Call 0 2562 6341. The State Railway, also has housing to rent by calling 0 2224 6964 or contact the missionary homes which are also available to rent at 0 5385 1475, 0 5324 1212.

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