Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang

Lampang’s ancient city temple believed to have been built by Queen Chamadevi, founder of the city. One of the most complete wooden temples in the whole of Thailand it boasts many beautiful structures and design features.  

Points of interest: 

Wiharn Luang: The large image hall built in 1476 contains a golden stupa where the Buddha image of Phrachao Lanthong is enshrined. Beautiful paintings on the wooden frieze panel depict stories of the ten incarnations of the Buddha and his teachings. 

Wiharn Phra Phut: No less than 700 years old, this hall enshrines a Chiang Saen style Buddha image so large that it occupies the whole room.
When facing Wiharn Luang, to the right is Wiharn Nam Taem or the image hall of paintings built in 1501. The only one of its kind in Thailand most of the paintings have faded away. There is also a bronze Buddha image in the posture of subduing Mara, having a lap width and height of 1.25 m. 

Sum Phrabat: A structure built in 1449 to cover the Lord Buddha’s footprint, inside a reverse shadow of the pagoda and the image hall, as a result of the refraction of light, can be seen. Women are prohibited from entering the structure.  

Kuti Phra Kaew: The emerald Buddha imae was enshrined here for many years. 

Wiharn Phrachao Sila: An image hall with the oldest Buddha image in the kingdom of Lawo. In 732 Queen Chamadevi’s father gave the image to be housed here. 

Museum: Rarely seen objects gathered from different locations.  

There is also Phra Kaew Don Tao or the Lanna style meditation jade Buddha image which is a provincial statue of Lampang enshrined here.  

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