Mae Ping National Park

The park was founded in 1981 and covers an area of over 1,000 square kilometres stretching all the way to Chiang Mai and Tak provinces. The Ping River runs 140 kilometres through the park offering spectacular vistas of cliffs, isles and caves. Visitors can take rafts down the river starting at Doi Tao reservoir and ending up in Bhumibol dam in Tak.

Interesting attractions in the Mae Ping National Park

Yang Wi Cave
A large limestone cave featuring stalactites and stalagmites with a mass of bats living within. There are also some porcupines and Sumatran serows to be found. Visitors should take their own electric torches or follow a guide. The surrounding area is perfect for trekking.

Thung Kik
A favourite of bird watchers, this natural grass field 15kms from park headquarters is covered with grass and dipterocarp forest, a perfect habitat for barking deer, rabbits, birds and various wild fowls. Between March and May over 20 species of orchids can be found. There are camping grounds and facilities.

Ko Luang Waterfall
A 22km drive from park headquarters this picturesque limestone waterfall which requires a 500m walk has seven different levels and falls into a beautiful turquoise pool visitors may swim in. Simply follow signs from the park headquarters.

Ko Noi Waterfall
A five-tiered waterfall which falls into an emerald green pool perfect for camping and sightseeing. There is also a viewpoint affording fantastic views of the Ping River as it wends its way through the park.

Kaeng Ko
A vast basin located at the point where the Ping River meets the Hua Mae Ko. Tourists can hire a floating house and admire the views along both sides of the river taking in limestone cliffs, stalactites and stalagmites.

Mae Ping National Park fees are 20 baht for Thai adults and 10 baht for Thai children; and 100 baht for non-Thai adults and 50 baht for non-Thai children. Call 0 5351 8060, 0 5354 6336 or email

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